What’s New with Young Women

    In the recent general conference, exciting adjustments were announced for young women that will help them develop their sacred personal potential and increase their righteous influence!

    “My dear sisters, I bear witness that these adjustments . . . are inspired direction from the Lord. As we diligently implement these adjustments, may we never lose sight of our purpose: to strengthen our resolve to follow Jesus Christ and help others come unto Him. I testify that this is His Church. How grateful I am that He allows us to be a very important part of His sacred work” (Bonnie H. Cordon, “Beloved Daughters,” Oct. 2019 general conference).

    We invite class presidencies and adult Young Women leaders to study the talks, announcements, and other materials and implement these changes prior to January 1, 2020. Sister Cordon explained, “The same Spirit that has guided these adjustments will guide you as you press forward on the covenant path.”