Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ

    Lesson 4: Teach from the Scriptures and Words of Living Prophets

    Introduce the Principle

    An important way you fulfill your responsibility as a leader is through teaching. Jesus Christ is the supreme example of a leader serving as a teacher. He commanded us to “teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom” (Doctrine and Covenants 88:77). The phrase “doctrine of the kingdom” refers to the revealed truths of the gospel found in the scriptures and in the words of living prophets. As a leader, you can help strengthen others spiritually by frequently teaching from the scriptures and the words of living prophets.

    Learn Together

    • Alma taught that the word of God leads people to do what is right and has a “powerful effect” on the mind. Read Alma 31:5. Discuss and share your thoughts about this scripture and think about how the word of God has changed people in the scriptures. Share with each other a time when a scripture or a general conference talk has caused you to change for the better.
    • What are the opportunities you have as leaders to share and teach the word of God to your class members to help them grow spiritually?

    Live What We Are Learning

    In the coming week, find one or more scriptures in the New Testament or Book of Mormon that illustrate how the Savior taught the doctrine. At your next class presidency meeting, discuss what you discovered in your study. Work with your adult leaders to determine when and where you can teach the doctrine to your class members.


    • Come, Follow Me,Use the Scriptures” — How can you use the power of the scriptures and words of the living prophets to invite the Spirit in all you do as a leader and teacher? What can you do to encourage young women to use their scriptures?