Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ

    Lesson 1: Apply Principles of Teaching

    Introduce the Principle

    Leaders in the Savior’s Church seek to follow His example as they teach the gospel. They recognize Jesus Christ as the Master Teacher. In the scriptures they find principles of teaching that He exemplified. They strive to follow Him and teach in His way.

    As you watch the video “Principles of Teaching,” think of a teacher who impacted your life and your testimony. What did he or she do? How did you feel? When and where did this person teach you?

    Learn Together

    1. Discuss the Savior’s principles of teaching taught in this video:
      • Love those whom you teach.
      • Teach and testify by the Spirit.
      • Teach the doctrine from the scriptures.
      • Invite diligent learning by class members.
    2. In what ways did your memorable teacher exemplify the Savior’s way of teaching?
    3. Where do you have the opportunity, as a leader, to teach?
      • How do you formally teach in class presidency meeting, Mutual, camp, seminary, Sunday lessons, and other settings?
      • How do you teach informally with those in your class, your family, and your friends?

    Live What We Are Learning

    Prayerfully select one of the principles of teaching you learned in the video. Apply it as you prepare and teach the gospel in a formal or informal setting this week. What difference did this principle make in your teaching? Share what you discovered with your class presidency.


    • Come, Follow Me: “We Teach” — What principles of teaching did these youth identify and what opportunities did they have to teach?