Prepare Spiritually

    Lesson 3: Pray to Receive Revelation from the Holy Ghost

    Introduce the Principle

    Jesus was a listening leader. A great leader listens not only to others, but also to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. As a called and set apart leader, you have the privilege to serve as an instrument through whom the Holy Ghost can lead, teach, testify, comfort, and inspire. You have the right to receive revelation about how to lead and love the young women in your class.

    You can learn now, in your youth, to be led by the Holy Ghost (see Doctrine and Covenants 43:16). The Lord will help you as you try to recognize and understand the Spirit through diligent scripture study, meaningful prayer, and obedience to the commandments and standards.

    Learn Together

      • How are we to pray to Heavenly Father?
      • What does it mean to pray with “real intent”?
      • What is the promised blessing if we pray to our Heavenly Father in this manner?
    • Why is having the influence of the Holy Ghost so important in your calling?

    Live What We Are Learning

    As a leader and as a class presidency, pray to Heavenly Father, with real intent, for His guidance in your calling. Listen for the promptings of the Holy Ghost in what you should do to be an instrument in His hands. Think of the young women in your class and pray for them by name. Seek guidance from the Holy Ghost on how to bless individual class members, and act on your impressions. Share with your class presidency what you discovered about meaningful prayer.