Counsel Together

    Lesson 2: Planning Activities with Gospel Purposes in Mind

    Introduce the Principle

    The Lord has called His followers to “strengthen [our] brethren … in all [our] doings” (see Doctrine and Covenants 108:7). Therefore, it is essential to plan activities with gospel purposes in mind. Meaningful activities give you opportunities to put into practice gospel principles, strengthen testimonies, develop talents and leadership skills, give service, and foster friendships with others who are committed to living gospel standards. These are gospel purposes.

    Learn Together

    Sometimes leaders begin planning an activity by asking, “What do we want to do?” Instead, why is it important to begin by asking, “What does the Lord want to have happen in the lives of those we serve?” What differences will likely occur in the types of activities planned if you begin by asking the latter question first?

    Live What We Are Learning

    Commit to planning the next activity with gospel purposes in mind. After the activity, discuss as a presidency specific ways lives were strengthened and gospel principles applied.