Instructions for Leaders: Using the Self-Reliance Plan Forms

The new forms Self-Reliance Plan and Bishop’s Guide to the Self-Reliance Plan replace the current forms Needs and Resources Analysis and Needs and Resources Analysis Supplement. The new forms are designed to help bishops and branch presidents more effectively serve those who receive welfare assistance and lead them along the path to self-reliance.
Bishop’s Guide to the Self-Reliance Plan. Bishops and branch presidents use this form to plan and track welfare assistance and to follow up on members’ personal self-reliance plans.
Self-Reliance Plan. Members use this form on their own or with the assistance of a mentor. The form helps members assess their needs, income, and expenses; identify available resources; identify service they can give in return for assistance received; and develop their own plan for becoming more self-reliant.
Members in need are often identified by their ministering brothers and sisters, other Church members or leaders, or the bishop. They may even seek the bishop’s help themselves.
The bishop meets with the member in need to discuss what challenges he or she is facing. The bishop may then invite a leader or other mentor to help the member complete a Self-Reliance Plan form. By reviewing this plan, the bishop can better understand how to provide effective welfare assistance. The bishop or an assigned leader follows up regularly with the member to discuss additional needs, concerns, and progress made on the plan.


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