FamilySearch Support Missionary


This opportunity for young and old alike allows mission service from home, part-time, with a flexible schedule. It provides a chance to make new friends and learn more about advancements in family history work. Use the following steps to determine if this is the right mission for you.


Do I know enough about FamilySearch products?

A background in family history is helpful, but you don’t have to know everything.

Click Step 1 to check your understanding of the basics.

Step 1


Do I have enough computer skills to serve?

Knowing computer and internet basics is essential.

Click Step 2 to evaluate your computer skills.

Step 2


What do I need to provide?

Just like young missionaries load up on socks and white shirts, This mission has some requirements.

Click Step 3 to view mission expectations and requirements.

Step 3


How do I get my mission paperwork started?

Make sure you have thoroughly reviewed all of the materials provided in steps 1–3.

Click Step 4 to fill out your application. You will be contacted soon with further instructions.

Step 4

"We served in this mission; click each box to hear our story."

Elder and Sister Busker

Elder David Busker and Sister Leora Busker share how serving as FamilySearch missionaries has strengthened them as a couple and revitalized their lives.

Elder Allen Forsyth

What is it like to be a FamilySearch missionary? Elder Allen Forsyth explains what has helped him to be an effective missionary.

Sister Queen

What is it like to be a FamilySearch missionary in training? Sister Lynnel Queen explains the training experience.