Launch of Activity Message

Send the first day your activity begins.

You may use this suggested message to get your group excited and prepared for your upcoming indexing activity. Feel free to change and edit the message to suit your audience and activity.

Do you love to Fuel the Find?

The [ward/stake] indexing [Challenge/Event/Activity] is now underway! You have [one week/day/month] to join us as we #FuelTheFind and help others discover their ancestors. Each record you index can help others around the world find their ancestors and take their names to the temple.

When: [Provide date and time]

Where: [Provide the location, unless your event will only take place online]

How to Prepare: [Inform them that they will need their LDS account username and password and to download the indexing software.]

How to Participate: [Let them know how many batches they need to index or arbitrate to participate and how to help others get involved.]

Goal: [Share the goal that your group is trying to accomplish.]

An optional pre-event training meeting will be held on [date, time, and place] to help those who are new to indexing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact [name of local stake indexing director or family history consultant].