6 Steps to Hosting a Successful Indexing Event


Is your group holding an indexing event this year? This class will teach you why an indexing event is a great way to engage your ward, stake, youth group, family, and others not just in indexing, but in family history overall.

Indexing makes precious moments of family discovery possible. Indexing is the fuel that gives FamilySearch the power to help you find your ancestors and take their names to the temple. Every name you index adds another drop of precious fuel to help you and others have Find, Take, and Teach experiences.

Essential Tips for Success

  • Seek priesthood support—Indexing events are more successful when they have the support of priesthood leaders.
  • Challenging, attainable goals—Individuals can set challenging but attainable goals to stretch, inspire, and motivate themselves.
  • Time-bound—Volunteers are more likely to participate if the indexing event has a distinct beginning and end.
  • Participation first—Focus on participation first and productivity second.
  • Celebrate—Maintain enthusiasm by acknowledging and celebrating accomplishments.
  • Temple Challenge—Place equal emphasis on indexing and submitting names to the temple.

Indexing events are more successful when you take time to prepare. Spread the word, share the vision, train volunteers, and register volunteers as indexers before the event.

Visit ChurchofJesusChrist.org/IndexingEventKit for additional information and resources.