Submitting Names to the Temple

Audience: Families (youth and adults)

Objective: The family history center will provide resources, assistance, and encouragement for members to take family names to the temple and then to teach others to do the same.

Ensure that your center is organized to make it easy for members to submit names to the temple. Make the center computers accessible to members at times that are convenient for them. Ensure that the center staff is trained on how to help members use, including the Temple features. Be prepared to help members log in to For members who have difficulty using computers, use the Helper function in Family Tree to input information on their behalf. Help those who are using the My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together booklet to enter names from their first four generations into Family Tree and to submit any names that qualify for temple ordinances. (Ensure that they obtain permission when necessary and that they follow the 110-year rule.) Assist them as best you can as they search for new names to add to Family Tree from family memory or from research.

Encourage those you help to teach their family members or others how to submit names to the temple.

You may want to post something on a bulletin board or some other prominent place to invite members to ask for help submitting names, or you could even list the basic steps for submitting names.

To the extent possible, configure the center so that it is easy for a helper to sit next to a member to assist with temple submissions. Ensure that the printer is connected and working properly and that it is well stocked with paper and toner for printing Family Ordinance Requests.



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