Teaching in the Savior’s Way

    the Savior sitting and talking with children

    Frequently asked questions

    If you have questions about how to improve as a teacher, bring your questions to your teacher council meetings. There you can counsel with other teachers in your ward and find meaningful solutions, ideas, and inspiration together. You can also find helpful instruction and principles in Teaching in the Savior’s Way on topics such as how to develop Christlike love, how to prepare and teach by the Spirit, how to focus on pure doctrine, and how to help learners take responsibility for their learning.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    The Master Teacher President Packer talks about how teachers can live and teach like the Savior.
    Introduction to Teacher Council Meetings What is a teacher council meeting, and why is it important?
    Share and Counsel Together How can the blessings of sharing and counseling together reach beyond the teacher council meeting?
    Learn Together How can teacher council meetings help me grow as a teacher?
    Practice and Invite How can practicing help me teach?
    Welcome, Teachers Elder Jeffrey R. Holland gives special encouragement to teachers.
    Love Those You Teach How can I show love in a way that makes a difference?
    Prepare and Teach by the Spirit What can you do today to teach by the Spirit tomorrow?
    Teach the Doctrine How can you teach doctrine in ways that lead to greater growth?
    Invite Diligent Learning How can you help those you teach learn for themselves?
    A Personal Witness: Part 1 Elder Holland encourages teachers to bear testimony often.
    A Personal Witness: Part 2 Elder Holland bears his testimony that gospel teachers are called of God and can call upon His help.
    You Can Teach like the Savior Taught Elder Holland describes the Savior’s way of teaching and offers teachers encouragement that they can teach as He did.
    Teacher Council Meetings: We Can All Help Each Other In teacher council meetings, teachers from all organizations can support and counsel one another.
    Asking Inspired Questions Inspired questions give learners opportunities to share insights and ponder how doctrine applies to their lives.
    The Importance of Having the Spirit Faithful study and prayer brings the influence of the Holy Ghost and prepares us to teach by the Spirit.
    Invite Diligent Learning: Record Impressions Recording spiritual impressions shows the Lord we want to learn, and it makes those impressions available in future times of need.
    Allow Time for Preparation If we begin preparing to teach at least a week in advance, we give the Spirit multiple opportunities to inspire us with ideas.