What is the bishopric and ward council’s role in supporting teacher council meetings?

    Under the direction of the bishopric, the ward council “oversees teacher council meetings” (Teaching in the Savior’s Way, 3; see also Handbook 2, 5.5.2). This means that they:

    • Determine when and where the meetings will be held.
    • Assign someone to lead the meetings.
    • Support ward leaders as they encourage teachers in their organizations to attend.
    • Recommend topics from Teaching in the Savior’s Way to discuss.
    • Model the principles of Teaching in the Savior’s Way in their own teaching and ministry.

    In addition, members of the ward council, in their roles as leaders of priesthood quorums or auxiliary organizations, are responsible for orienting new teachers. When new teachers are called in their organizations, these leaders should provide them with a vision of what it means to be a Christlike teacher (see Teaching in the Savior’s Way, 38).