Enhancing the Sunday School Experience


One of the purposes of Sunday School is to strengthen individuals’ and families’ faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through teaching, learning, and fellowshipping. Here are three ways Sunday School presidencies can help enhance members’ Sunday School experience.

Consider Special Sunday School Classes

At times it may be beneficial to organize special Sunday School classes for some members, such as young single adults, members who do not speak the ward’s primary language, new members, returning members, and those learning about the Church. The curriculum for special classes should be Come, Follow Me—For Sunday School.

Strengthen Teachers

Teachers play a vital part in helping members build their faith in the Savior and become more like Him. You can find ideas to help teachers strengthen their abilities to teach the gospel in Teaching in the Savior’s Way.

Hold Regular Teacher Council Meetings

Teacher council meetings provide opportunities for teachers and leaders to learn and practice principles of Christlike teaching. These meetings are held quarterly during the 50-minute class time on Sunday. For more information about teacher council meetings, view the resources in Teaching in the Savior’s Way.