Meetinghouse Library Materials

The following items should be included in the meetinghouse library. Wards or branches may add to these materials depending on their needs from materials available through Administrative, training, lesson, and program materials are not included below because they are typically kept by the various ward or branch organizations. Many materials that were previously kept in libraries are now available digitally on or Church mobile apps.

Gospel Art
QuantityItem Item Number
10Gospel Art Book06048
2The Family: A Proclamation, 8 1/2x1135602
1The Living Christ, 8 1/2x1136299
3Russell M. Nelson, 11 x 1415267
2Dallin H. Oaks, 11 x 1415268
2Henry B. Eyring, 11 x 1406473
3Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, 11 x 1415699
3Local temple(s)varies
2Articles of Faith Poster Set, 8 1/2x1164370
QuantityItem Item Number
2Children's Songbook (spiral bound)35395
2Music Training, DVD04793
2Basic Conducting Course Kit33619
2Basic Keyboard Course Kit33620
2Children's Songbook, English, Music Only, CD50505
2Children's Songbook, English, Words and Music, CD50428
2Children's Songbook, Non-Eng, Music/Word and Mus, CD50177
2How to Conduct a Hymn, DVD01554
2Hymns and Children's Songs, Music Only, CD50226
2Hymns, Music and Words CD50166
2Hymns, Music Only CD50866
2Selected Hymns, Music Only, CD50080
QuantityItem Item Number

For Classroom Use

15Bible Regular Black Economy Edition11673
25Triple Regular Black Economy Edition11674

For Families and Individuals

2Book of Mormon Stories35666
2D&C/Church History Stories31122
2New Testament Stories36618
2Old Testament Stories31118
Books and Manuals
QuantityItem Item Number

For Families and Individuals

3Family Guidebook31180
3Preach My Gospel36617
3Teaching Guidebook34595
3Teaching in the Savior's Way13301
3True to the Faith36863

For Classroom and Home Use

3Gospel Principles6195
3Duties and Blessings of the Priesthood, Part A31111
3Duties and Blessings of the Priesthood, Part B31112
3LDS Woman Manual, Part A31113
3LDS Woman Manual, Part B31114
3Marriage and Family Relations Participant Manual36357
3Marriage and Family Relations Teacher Manual35865
3Our Heritage: A Brief History of the Church35448
3Teachings of Presidents: Brigham Young35554
3Teachings of Presidents: David O. McKay36492
3Teachings of Presidents: George Albert Smith36786
3Teachings of Presidents: Harold B. Lee35892
3Teachings of Presidents: Heber J. Grant35970
3Teachings of Presidents: John Taylor35969
3Teachings of Presidents: Joseph F. Smith35744
3Teachings of Presidents: Joseph Smith36481
3Teachings of Presidents: Lorenzo Snow36787
3Teachings of Presidents: Spencer W. Kimball36500
3Teachings of Presidents: Wilford Woodruff36315
3Teachings of Presidents: Joseph Fielding Smith36907
3Teachings of Presidents: Howard W. Hunter08861
3Teachings of Presidents: Ezra Taft Benson08860
3Teachings of Presidents: Gordon B. Hinckley08862

See your facilities management representative for a list of approved electronic items such as copiers/printers, keyboards, projectors, cameras, CD players, DVD players, and TVs.

Equipment and SUPPLIES
20Chalk and eraser sets
2Dry-erase markers and eraser sets
1Supplies (pencils, red pencils, pencil sharpeners, stapler, staples, tape, tape dispensers, etc.)

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