Procedures for Adding and Discarding Materials

With the help of the bishopric, auxiliary leaders, and quorum leaders, regularly clean out the library and discard unused or unauthorized materials. Make sure that you keep the materials in the library organized and accessible. Only books and audiovisual materials produced and distributed by the Church may be stored in and circulated from the meetinghouse library.  

Acquiring New Materials

Meetinghouse libraries provide “resources to help members learn and teach the gospel. The ward Sunday School presidency oversees the meetinghouse library” (Handbook 2, 12.6).

Requests for purchasing new materials and equipment should be based on the above paragraph and on the evaluation of materials presently available in the library as well as on evaluation of new materials that are listed in the Meetinghouse Library Materials or that are available through Church distribution centers. In large wards, several copies of certain items may be needed to meet the demand of multiple use in classes studying the same topic, as well as for use by individuals and families in the home. For more information about the items listed in the Meetinghouse Library Materials, visit

Regarding financing for meetinghouse libraries, the Sunday School presidency recommends “an annual budget for the library after consulting with the ward librarian” (Handbook 2, 12.2.2).

Discarding Materials

Materials that are no longer needed or that should not be stored in the library should be discarded. More specifically:

  • Librarians periodically evaluate materials, repairing or replacing damaged items and discarding those that are outdated or no longer useful.
  • Church magazines need not be kept longer than 10 years after they are published, though it may be helpful to keep conference issues for a longer period. If online access to Church magazines is readily available to members in your area, magazines may not need to be kept in the library at all, or the length of time they are kept may be shortened.
  • If Church records that have potential historical value are stored in the meetinghouse library, they should be given to the stake clerk. He will make the appropriate contacts to determine what to do with these records.
  • Audio and video materials that are not approved for distribution through Church distribution centers, including animated scripture videocassettes, may not be stored in or circulated from meetinghouse libraries.
  • Materials that may have been illegally copied or duplicated must not be kept in meetinghouse libraries.
  • Any items that are not included in the Meetinghouse Library Materials or that are not available in Church distribution centers should be discarded.
  • Unapproved pictures, talks, worksheets, and other teaching resources that have been donated to the library should be discarded.
  • Filmstrips, filmstrip projectors, overhead projectors, and audio or video cassettes (unless they are being used by members) should be discarded.

Items that have been approved for storage in meetinghouse libraries but are no longer needed may be donated to other meetinghouse libraries. Illegally copied or duplicated materials should be destroyed. Other materials may be offered to ward or branch members, public libraries, Deseret Industries, or other charitable organizations.

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