Ideas for 2017 Stake Auxiliary Leadership Meeting

Dear Sunday School Leaders:

As you prepare your annual stake auxiliary leadership meeting for 2017, we hope you will counsel together as a presidency and with your priesthood leaders about the needs of the Sunday School teachers in your stake. We hope you will plan training that will help meet those needs. (See Handbook 2: Administering the Church [2010], 18.3.11.)

As the Sunday School General Presidency, we also invite you to review the new resource Teaching in the Savior’s Way. As you do so, please consider what you might highlight from this resource in your training. In addition to the various teaching principles that are presented, you may want to discuss the sections "Preface," "Teacher Council Meetings," and "Teaching in the Savior's Way" in order to help teachers understand the purpose of the resource and answer any questions related to teacher council meetings. You may also choose to emphasize the two sections "Improving as a Christlike Teacher" and "Orienting New Teachers" that focus on improving teaching and orienting new (and current) teachers. In addition, you may choose to focus on segments from the Worldwide Training Broadcast on Teaching in the Savior’s Way, held on November 5, 2016.

During your training, you might share one or all of the brief videos related to Teaching in the Savior’s Way. There is one video about how to use the resource, four videos on participating in teacher council meetings, and five videos on orienting new teachers.

Articles that offer additional ideas for both teachers and learners can be found at by going to the Sunday School home page, then toLeader Resources and Training.

We love you and are grateful to serve with you,
The Sunday School General Presidency