Relief Society General Presidents

President Lorenzo Snow, in speaking to a group of Relief Society sisters, said, “You have ever been found at the side of the Priesthood, ready to strengthen their hands and to do your part in helping to advance the interests of the kingdom of God” (Daughters in My Kingdom, 7). Since the Restoration, the Lord through His prophets has called women to direct the Relief Society. Click the images below to learn more about the women who have fulfilled this sacred responsibility.

Emma Hale Smith

Emma Smith (1842–1844)

Eliza Roxcy Snow

Eliza R. Snow (1868–1887)

Zina Diantha Huntington Young

Zina D. H. Young (1888–1901)

Bathsheba W. Smith

Bathsheba W. Smith (1901–1910)

Emmeline B. Woodward Wells

Emmeline B. Wells (1910–1921)

Clarissa Smith Williams

Clarissa S. Williams (1921–1928)

Louise Yates Robison

Louise Y. Robison (1928–1939)

Amy Brown Lyman

Amy B. Lyman (1940–1945)

Belle Smith Spafford

Belle S. Spafford (1945–1974)

Barbara Bradshaw Smith

Barbara B. Smith (1974–1984)

Barbara Woodhead Winder

Barbara W. Winder (1984–1990)

Elaine Low Jack

Elaine L. Jack (1990–1997)

Mary Ellen Wood Smoot

Mary Ellen W. Smoot (1997–2002)

Bonnie Dansie Parkin

Bonnie D. Parkin (2002–2007)

Julie Bangerter Beck

Julie B. Beck (2007–2012)

Linda Kjar Burton

Linda K. Burton (2012–2017)

Jean B. Bingham

Jean B. Bingham (2017–Present)


“The larger part of the work of Relief Society today is ‘to look after the spiritual welfare and salvation … of all the female members of the Church” (Handbook 2, 9.1.2).



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