Highlights from April 2013 General Conference

Therefore, what? How can I find in general conference the answers to my questions?


How can I teach my children to be able to stand against the evils that are ever present in our daily lives? 

How can I strengthen my faith?

How can a woman’s influence have a positive impact on her home and those around her?

Why are daily gospel efforts necessary in a Christ-centered home?

Why is it important for my salvation to understand the principles of the gospel?

What comfort and encouragement can I offer those whose life experiences have weakened their faith and left them with little hope?

How does my service to others bring the blessings of the Lord to those in my own family who are straying from the path?  

What is the greatest service we can provide to others in this life?

What can Elder Ballard’s story of the tomato plant teach us about the Savior’s love and priesthood power?

How can I know that my contribution to the kingdom of God is of value?

Knowing that a woman’s influence is important, how can understanding who she is help her to nurture, teach, and be an example to others?