Organize the Lesson

With careful thought and prayer, decide how you will organize the lesson. Choose which aspects of the lesson to emphasize. What will be most helpful to your sisters?


Elder Jeffrey R. Holland on an unrushed atmosphere:

  • You are not required to cover everything printed in the lesson manual.
  • It’s best to choose a few ideas and have a good discussion about them.
  • To have the Spirit of the Lord present, we need an unrushed atmosphere.

Think of a way to introduce the lesson that will help the sisters relate to it.

Sometimes you will use just part of the lesson material.

You may add more examples or use different examples than those found in the lesson.

Keep in mind that your goal is to teach pure doctrine. Don’t let your manner of teaching overshadow the gospel truths in the lesson. (5.5)

If you would like help organizing your lesson, see this lesson planning idea.

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