More Resources for Teachers

Teaching the Gospel
Find resources for preparing talks or lessons and for teaching in any setting.

Teaching and Learning in the Church
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland gives counsel for all teachers about how to prepare and teach effective lessons.

Teaching, No Greater Call: A Resource Guide for Gospel Teaching
This inspired book shows you how you can make a difference in learners’ lives. It’s easy to use and full of specific direction.

Reverencing His Name
A Relief Society teacher struggled for a new way to present a topic that her sisters had heard many times before. Notice how studying the lesson in advance helped her find the inspiration she was seeking.

How Can My Scripture Study Be More Meaningful?
Brief, powerful points on personal scripture study.

A Discussion on Scripture Study
President Eyring shows us how to make the scriptures part of us and how to teach them to others.

Teaching with the Scriptures
Members share experiences with using the scriptures in teaching.

Using Objectives in Teaching
From the book Teach Ye Diligently by Elder Boyd K. Packer.

Your Call to Teach the Gospel: Principles of Gospel Teaching
This information on the Sunday School website is useful for all teachers.

Seek Learning by Faith
An address by Elder David A. Bednar on teaching by the Spirit and learning by faith.

A Teacher Come from God
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland speaks about revitalizing teaching in the Church.

The Ordinary Classroom—a Powerful Place for Steady and Continued Growth
Sister Virginia Pearce shows how teachers can help learners discover truth.

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