Consider the Needs of Your Sisters

(5.5.4, Teachers and Leaders)

One purpose of gospel instruction is to help each sister increase in faith and personal righteousness.


Ask yourself:

  • What circumstances and concerns are the sisters dealing with in their lives right now? How could this lesson help them?
  • What challenges might they have in the future? How could this lesson help them?
  • What do I want to have happen as a result of the lesson?

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland on considering spiritual needs:

  • Don’t dazzle them with how brilliant the lesson is; dazzle them with how brilliant the gospel is.
  • The most important thing is what’s going on in their hearts.
  • Teach.
  • Love.


To fit the lesson to sisters’ needs: (5.5.4, 9.4.1)

  • Seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost.
  • Get to know your sisters and their circumstances.
  • Spend lesson time on the principles that will help your sisters the most.
  • Be sensitive to differences among sisters.
  • Choose questions and examples sisters can relate to.
  • Have sisters share how they have applied the gospel principles that are taught in the lesson.
  • Include discussions. Involve the sisters in the lesson, don't give a lecture.
  • Consider the Relief Society presidency’s and bishop’s concerns for the sisters.

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