New Relief Society Sisters


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The Relief Society presidency has a responsibility to watch over each new sister with love and concern and help each one continue in activity and faith (see Handbook 2, 9.7.2).

The history book, Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society, is one of the approved resources you can use to teach new sisters about Relief Society and their roles and responsibilities in it.

Relief Society sisters who would like help in setting worthy personal goals may consider using Pursuit of Excellence as a guide.


Who needs Relief Society orientation?

  • Young women entering Relief Society
  • New converts
  • Relief Society sisters returning to activity
  • New sisters in the ward or branch
  • Newly married sisters

Why do we need to orient and teach new Relief Society sisters?

relief society sisters

The ward Relief Society presidency has the responsibility to welcome, watch over, and care for each Relief Society sister. Becoming a new member of Relief Society is a defining time in the life of a young woman because she becomes an adult member of the Church with responsibilities to build up the kingdom and strengthen others. It is also a critical time for a woman who has recently joined the Church or returned to Church activity.             

How do we orient new sisters?

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The Relief Society presidency may:

  • Visit the Young Women classes and present a preview of Relief Society.
  • Gather the new Relief Society sisters together in a meeting (young sisters with their mothers, if possible) to orient new sisters about Relief Society. Give new Relief Society sisters a copy of Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society.
  • Encircle, teach, and love each sister one by one as she comes into Relief Society. Strengthen and continually watch over her.
  • Give her a faithful visiting teacher to show her by example how to visit, and then give her a visiting teaching assignment (see Daughters in My Kingdom, pages 105–23).
  • Engage her in the work of Relief Society by inviting her to serve on a Relief Society committee such as compassionate service, activation, missionary, family history, temple, and so forth.

What should we teach new sisters?

Give Relief Society materials to the new sister.

relief society sisters

Possibilities could include:

  • Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society.
  • Contact information for all Relief Society sisters.
  • The current curriculum lesson manual and lesson schedule.
  • The current general conference issue of the Ensign or Liahona magazine.
  • Information on how to access the Relief Society website and the young single adult website.
  • Institute class schedule.



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