Celebrate Sisterhood

On September 27, 2014, prophets and general officers from all three women’s organizations will inspire, direct, and broaden the perspective of sisters ages eight and older. The meeting will create new ways for women worldwide to connect, strengthen each other, and celebrate sisterhood.


Celebrate Together!

Invite others to celebrate sisterhood with you at the semiannual general women’s meeting on September 27, 2014, and join the Facebook event.

Sister Burton: Engaged in This Work

Sister Oscarson: A Work of Love

Sister Wixom: Different, Yet the Same

Women Helping Sisters along the Path

Camille from New York City

Many friends share toys and treats, but what happens when friends share faith? See how nine-year-old Camille's choice to share the gospel with a friend affected many others.

Virtual Pen Pals

Living on a different continent didn't keep Stephanie from sharing the gospel with a new friend. Find out how social media has blessed both of them through the experience.

She Needs Love

The hospital room was bare, the elderly woman alone. But as soon as Stephanie entered, the young girl began serving and touching hearts. See how a simple act of kindness bridged generation gaps and changed a life.