Stake Priesthood Leaders


Stake President

What are the responsibilities of the stake president as he works with the Relief Society?

9.8.1  The stake president oversees the Relief Society in the stake. He meets regularly (usually monthly) with the stake Relief Society president or presidency. He provides priesthood direction as they counsel together about matters that pertain to Relief Society sisters and their families. These matters may include welfare needs, the progress and needs of sisters in the stake, and Relief Society meetings, instruction, and activities.

15.1.2  The stake president personally oversees the stake Relief Society. He assigns his counselors to oversee the other stake auxiliary organizations. …

Members of the stake presidency meet regularly with the presidencies of the auxiliary organizations to which they are assigned. In these meetings, participants counsel together about the progress and needs of members in the organizations.

Consider ways you can effectively involve auxiliary presidents in stake councils.

High Councilor

What role does a high councilor have in working with the Relief Society?

15.3.1  The stake presidency assigns high councilors to work with the stake auxiliaries and programs listed in 15.1.2. When a member of the stake presidency meets with a stake auxiliary presidency, the assigned high councilor attends this meeting.

18.3.11 The high councilor assigned to the organization presides over the meeting unless a member of the stake presidency attends.

High councilors can be a strong support for the Relief Society presidency. Consider ways you can encourage them in their callings.

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