Other Ward Relief Society Callings

From the Relief Society General Presidency

Dear sisters who serve in Relief Society,

This is an exciting time to serve in the Relief Society! President Russell M. Nelson has lifted our vision to a higher and holier way to serve, and he has called on every sister to be an active participant in the work. As you think about your new responsibilities, you will realize that your calling is not a list of things to do but a sacred opportunity to minister with love and help women prepare for the blessings of eternal life.

When you are set apart, you will be given authority through priesthood keys to lead and fulfill this calling. As you humbly seek Heavenly Father’s will, you will receive revelation to guide you. Your presidency, the ward council, and the bishop are also sources of support. Heavenly Father will magnify your efforts as you minister with love to His daughters, doing His work in His way. We pray that you will feel joy and peace as you serve the Lord to the best of your ability.

With love,
Jean B. Bingham
Sharon Eubank
Reyna I. Aburto
The Relief Society General Presidency

Note: All references below come from the General Handbook.

Assistant secretaries help with Relief Society secretary responsibilities:

  • Help with secretary responsibilities:
    • Prepare agendas (9.3.3).
    • Attend meetings, take notes, and track assignments (9.3.3).
    • Compile attendance reports (9.3.3).
    • Prepare a list of young women entering Relief Society (9.3.3).
    • Assist the presidency in preparing a budget (9.3.3).
  • Help organize ministering interviews (Chapter 21).
  • Help prepare quarterly reports (Chapter 21).

Ministering secretaries help with Relief Society secretary responsibilities specific to ministering:

Service coordinator, assistants, and committee:

  • Help presidency identify needs (9.2.2).
  • Help presidency coordinate compassionate service (9.2.2).

Activity coordinator, assistants, and committee:

  • Help the Relief Society presidency coordinate the planning of Relief Society activities to help sisters:
    • Learn and practice skills (
    • Apply principles of provident living and spiritual and temporal self-reliance (
    • Teach and serve one another (
  • Committee members may be given specific areas of responsibility (

Other callings and assignments:

  • Help the Relief Society presidency accomplish the work of salvation (9.3.4).