You Are the Gift!

Sister to Sister: Messages from the Presidency

You yourself are one of the most important gifts you can give to other people.

Dear Sisters,

I meet people all over the world, and one thing I have noticed is that the people who are in distress and the people who have something to give are often the same people. There is no nirvana when our problems finally end and we can finally help others with theirs. I have a front row seat to witness the impact of life-saving food, clothing, and labor donated by members of the Church in an emergency, but if you ask me what I have seen that accomplishes the most lasting good, it is you. You are the gift. You yourself are the gift. It is not the clothing, the hygiene kits, the school desks, or the wells. It is you. And you don’t have to be in a perfect state yourself to be doing it.

Below is a brief excerpt from a talk I gave earlier at BYU. I hope it encourages you to decide how you as a member of Relief Society can give from your personal storehouse as our Savior Jesus Christ did. He is the greatest gift of all.

I’d love to know what you do!

Sister Sharon Eubank

“Is there anyone who doesn’t participate in society for some reason? Somebody who is on the periphery? Somebody who—because of language, background, disability, religion, family status, life choices, or anything else—is not fully participating within the circle? And can we think of them as brothers and sisters? Can we serve them? …

“If we change our perspective so that caring for the poor and the needy is less about giving stuff away and more about filling the hunger for human contact, providing meaningful conversation, and creating rich and positive relationships, then the Lord can send us someplace. … There are always humanitarian places that we can’t yet reach. But there are plenty that we can reach. …

“And remember that, in the same way as the Savior, you yourself are one of the best gifts that you can give to other people in need” (Sister Sharon Eubank, “Turning Enemies into Friends” [Brigham Young University forum, Jan. 23, 2018], 4, 6–7,

For the full talk, click here.