Other Sharing Time Music

Downloadable music from recent sharing time outlines


Note: To view the sheet music, click the image (PDF) to the right of each song title. For optimal performance, it is recommended that Adobe Reader version 7.0 plug-in or later be installed on your computer. To download the MP3, right-click the MP3 image (MP3), select Save Target As, and save the file to your computer.

Additional Children's SongsMusic & VoiceMusic OnlyPDF
“If I Listen with My Heart” (2011 outline, page 28)MP3MP3PDF
"I Know That My Savior Loves Me" (2010 outline, page 28)MP3MP3PDF
"My Eternal Family" (2009 outline, page 11)MP3MP3PDF
“If the Savior Stood beside Me” (2008 outline, page 11; or Friend, Oct. 1993, 14)MP3MP3PDF
"I'll Follow Him in Faith" (2007 outline, page 11; or Friend, Jan. 2003, 24)MP3MP3PDF
"Scripture Power" (2006 outline, pages 10-11; or Friend, Oct. 1987, 10–11)MP3MP3PDF
"Holding Hands around the World" (Friend, July 2002, 44-45)MP3MP3PDF