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A successful Scout program requires leaders who have a testimony of the gospel, time to serve, tenure in their callings, and training in BSA policies and practices.

Are You a New Leader?  

Faith in God is the activity program for the worldwide Church and is meant to be used along with Scouting in the United States and Canada. If you are new to Scouting and are not sure where to begin, you could plan activities for your Scouts by using the Faith in God for Boys guidebook.


Faith in God and Scouting


What Is the Cub Scout Leader's Responsibility for the Faith in God Award?

Where Scouting is authorized by the Church, Scout activities take the place of activity days for boys ages 8 through 11 (see Handbook 2, 11.5.3). Find ways to combine activities in the Faith in God guidebook with Cub Scout and 11-year old Scout activities. Many activities fulfill requirements in both programs.

How Do I Get Started?

Ongoing Training

2.1 Stake Young Men and Primary presidencies also provide ongoing training and support for ward Young Men, Primary, and Scouting leaders. In addition, the BSA provides monthly roundtables to help leaders learn Scouting methods and skills; it also offers a variety of optional training courses such as Wood Badge, the Trainer’s EDGE, and others. Stake and ward budget allowance funds may be used for adult Scouting training.

Available Resources

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