Planning Music Time

The purpose of music in Primary is to make learning the gospel more enjoyable, invite the Spirit, and create a reverent and learning environment.


Know the Song

Before you can teach a song effectively, you must know the song yourself. Become familiar with the words and melody by playing the song on the piano or listening to the music on the Church music website.

  • Do I know the song well enough to make eye contact with the children?

Use the Scriptures

Study the song to learn what message the words convey. Use the scripture references at the end of the song in your preparation or in teaching the song.

  • Do I connect the doctrine to the words the children are singing?

Sing, Sing, Sing

Children learn to sing a song by hearing it sung and by singing it themselves. Spend more time singing than talking during music time.

  • Do we sing more than we talk or play games?

Capture the Children's Attention

Engage the children's attention with an object, a picture, a scripture, an experience, or simply a whisper.

  • Do the attention-getters that I use enhance the learning experience?

Include Different Learning Styles

Use a variety of approaches to involve as many of the senses as possible.  Seeing, speaking, moving, and doing, as well as hearing, will help children better understand and remember the songs.

  • Do I vary my teaching plan to include different learning styles?

Direct Children's Listening

Ask questions that will encourage children to listen to the song and help them understand the gospel message. For example, ask—What? Where? When? Why?—and state the question in such a way that children can discover the answer as you sing the song.

  • Do I ask questions that encourage thinking?

Involve the Children

Create opportunities for children to participate. For example, invite children to improvise actions, assign small groups to sing different sections, ask for ideas to vary the styles of singing, or give them a picture or object to hold to remind them of the words to a song.

  • Do I use activities that involve all of the children rather than a few?

Bear Testimony

Bear your personal testimony or read testimonies recorded in the scriptures. As children hear the testimonies of others, they will be strengthened.

  • Do I bear brief testimony of the doctrine taught in the song?

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