Engaging Older Children


Give older children a specific assignment:

  • To sit by, mentor or help a younger child
  • To play the prelude
  • To sing a harmony part in a song
  • To play an instrumental accompaniment for specific songs
  • To lead or help teach a song

Teach the older children the hymns from the hymnbook.

Teach the older children a song they can sing in smaller groups for Sacrament Meeting.

Have the older children help you teach the rest of the Primary children a song.

When dividing into groups to learn phrases of a song, have the older children be the leaders of the groups.

Have the older children learn the Articles of Faith songs or the songs of each of the books of scriptures.  Have them help teach these songs to the younger children.

Have each older class choose a Primary song that is their class song.  Have them sing it to the Primary on occasion.

Have a certain verse or phrase be an older class’s special part.  Always have them sing it when you sing that song.

Have the older children do a special rhythm for a particular song.

Organize a special program of Primary songs and go as an older group to Rest homes or “Any Day” carol Primary songs to members in your ward.  Have Primary children who play instruments solo or accompany the program.

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