Teachers and Nursery Leaders



11.2.5 Primary teachers and nursery leaders work with specific age-groups of children. These teachers and leaders follow the principles outlined in 5.5.4.

Primary teachers and nursery leaders remain with the children during the entire Primary time on Sunday, including singing time and breaks. During singing time, they sit with their assigned classes, sing the songs with the children, and help the children participate reverently.

5.5.4 As teachers and leaders teach the gospel, they are guided by the following principles.

Love Those You Teach

Teachers and leaders show love and sincere concern for those they teach. They learn class members’ names. They review attendance information so they can be aware of class members who are not attending regularly. They may contact these members outside of class to encourage them in their participation.

Teach by the Spirit

Teachers and leaders seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost in preparing and teaching lessons. They seek this guidance by praying and humbly recognizing their dependence on the Lord. During lessons, they invite the Spirit by bearing testimony of the doctrines they teach.

Teach the Doctrine

Teachers and leaders use the scriptures, the teachings of latter-day prophets, and approved curriculum materials to teach and testify of the doctrines of the gospel. Approved curriculum materials for each class or quorum are listed in the current Instructions for Curriculum. As needed, teachers and leaders supplement curriculum materials with Church magazines, particularly the general conference issues of the Ensign and Liahona.

Invite Diligent Learning

Teachers and leaders encourage class members to be responsible for their own gospel learning as individuals, in their families, and during class instruction. They encourage class members to bring their own copies of the scriptures to class where possible. Teachers and leaders provide opportunities for class members to actively participate in discussions, and they invite class members to live the gospel and receive the promised blessings.

Encouraging Reverence

Ministering to Children

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