Stake Primary Leaders



Stake Primary Presidency

15.4 The Young Men, Relief Society, Young Women, Primary, and Sunday School organizations are auxiliaries to the priesthood. Each auxiliary has a presidency that serves under the direction of the stake presidency. The members of the stake Young Men presidency are Melchizedek Priesthood holders. The members of the stake Sunday School presidency are also priesthood holders; where possible, they should hold the Melchizedek Priesthood. The members of the presidencies of the Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary are women.

Stake Auxiliary Presidencies

15.4.1 The principal responsibilities of stake auxiliary presidencies are to assist the stake presidency and to instruct and support ward auxiliary presidencies. They do not fulfill assignments that should be fulfilled on the ward or family level.

Stake auxiliary presidencies have the following responsibilities:

They orient newly called ward auxiliary presidencies. They also provide ongoing encouragement, support, and instruction for ward auxiliary presidencies and teachers. They should base some of their instruction on chapters 1–6 in Handbook 2 and the chapter for their auxiliary organization. They meet with these leaders regularly to learn of their needs, discuss the needs of the members they serve, and communicate information from the stake presidency. Periodically they visit ward meetings and classes as arranged with ward leaders.

They instruct ward auxiliary leaders in stake auxiliary leadership meetings, which are generally held once a year. If local circumstances and travel time do not put undue burdens on leaders, the stake presidency may authorize a second leadership meeting each year. (See 18.3.11.) Bishops may request additional instruction for ward auxiliary presidencies.

Members of auxiliary presidencies counsel together regularly in their own presidency meetings. They also meet regularly with the member of the stake presidency who oversees their work and the high councilor assigned to their organization.

Auxiliary presidents serve on the stake council. As members of this council, they participate in efforts to build faith and strengthen individuals and families in the stake.

Auxiliary presidents submit recommendations to the stake presidency about members who may be called to serve in their organizations. In making these recommendations, they follow the guidelines in 19.1.1 and 19.1.2.

Stake Auxiliary Secretaries

15.4.2 Under the direction of stake auxiliary presidents, stake auxiliary secretaries have the following responsibilities:

They prepare agendas for presidency meetings.

They attend presidency meetings, take notes, and keep track of assignments.

They keep other records and prepare reports as the presidency requests.

They help prepare the annual budget for their auxiliary and account for expenses.

They provide training for ward auxiliary secretaries as assigned. This training may include instruction on recording and reporting attendance.

Stake Primary Music Leader

11.6.5 Under the direction of the stake Primary presidency, a stake Primary music leader may help give instruction in stake Primary leadership meetings. He or she may also give individual instruction to Primary presidencies, music leaders, and pianists. When requested, the stake Primary music leader organizes and directs a stake children’s choir.

Instruction should include demonstrating effective ways to teach the gospel to children through music. Resources include the Children’s Songbook, pages 300–304. See also chapter 14 in Handbook 2, the current outline for sharing time, and “Music Callings and Resources” in the Serving in the Church section of

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