Bishop and His Counselors

11.2.1 The bishop and his counselors provide priesthood leadership for the Primary.

The bishop calls and sets apart a sister to serve as Primary president. He oversees the calling and setting apart of all other Primary workers. He may assign his counselors to call and set them apart.

The bishop or an assigned counselor conducts interviews for the baptism and confirmation of 8-year-old children who are members of record and 8-year-old children who are not members of record but have at least one parent or guardian who is a member. The full-time missionaries teach and interview 8-year-old children whose parents are not members and children who will be 9 years old or older at the time of baptism.

The bishop or an assigned counselor interviews children before they reach age 12 and advance from Primary.

Counselor Assigned to Oversee the Ward Primary

11.2.1 The bishop assigns one of his counselors to oversee the ward Primary. This counselor has the following responsibilities:

He meets regularly with the ward Primary presidency. He reports on Primary matters in bishopric meetings.

He guides efforts to prepare the annual children’s sacrament meeting presentation.

He directs the planning of the Temple and Priesthood Preparation meeting in coordination with the Primary presidency.

He coordinates efforts to have members of the bishopric give short messages to the children in sharing time.

Where Scouting is authorized by the Church, he oversees Scouting for boys ages 8 through 11.

Working with the Bishopric

Preparing Children for Baptism, Baptismal Services

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