Synopsis of Scenes

The following synopsis provides an overview of the production.


Scene segments are linked to the appropriate location in the complete script. Musical numbers for soloists and/or choir are listed in parentheses with links to the piano-vocal score ( PDF ) and orchestral accompaniment tracks ( MP3 ). A production soundtrack that includes all vocal solos and choruses may be purchased from Church Distribution Services.

ACT ONE—Savior of the World: His Birth

Scene 1

Segment 1.1 – Zacharias and Elisabeth’s home

The hosts of heaven gather in anticipation of the Savior’s coming into the world. (No. 1: “Come, Lord Jesus–Opening Act OneMP3, PDF .) Assisted by his wife Elisabeth, the priest Zacharias prepares to leave for service in the temple at Jerusalem. Despite their advanced age and childlessness, Zacharias and Elisabeth testify of their determination to accept God’s will and their faith that He will grant them the blessings they desire in His own due time. (No. 2: “I’ll Give God ForeverMP3, PDF .)

Segment 1.2 – The temple in Jerusalem

At the temple, the faithful gather to worship as the priests draw lots to determine who will burn the incense. Zacharias is chosen, and as he performs the sacred rite, an angel appears to him and announces that Elisabeth will bear a son. Because he questions Gabriel’s message, Zacharias is struck dumb. He exits the temple, and the crowd marvels at his condition. The people disperse with wonder and concern. (No. 3: “Come Deliver UsMP3, PDF .)

Segment 1.3 – A street in Nazareth and Mary’s home

A beggar approaches Joseph in the street as he and his uncle Micham travel towards Mary’s house. Joseph and Micham discuss the law and Joseph’s intended marriage. Joseph leaves as Micham goes to meet with Mary’s father to arrange the marriage. While the men talk, Mary is comforted and taught by her mother. (No. 4: “Do His WillMP3, PDF .)

Segment 1.4 – Zacharias and Elisabeth’s home

Zacharias returns home to Elisabeth, assisted by Ezra and Benjamin, who tell Elisabeth about the events at the temple. Zacharias communicates with Elisabeth by gesture to convey the angel’s message. Elisabeth understands and rejoices in the Lord’s blessings.

Scene 2

Segment 2.1 – Mary’s home

As their families look on, Mary and Joseph are betrothed in a ceremony at Mary’s home. All begin to prepare for the wedding. Joseph and Micham build a house for the couple, while the women assist Mary. Micham emphasizes that obedience and truth are the basis for a happy marriage. (No. 6: “There Are RulesMP3, PDF .)

Segment 2.2 – Mary’s home

Mary shares a tender moment with her younger sister Anna. Thoughtfully, Mary kneels and prays. The angel Gabriel appears to her and announces that she will be the mother of the long-awaited Messiah. Mary humbly accepts her mission and ponders the angel’s message. (No. 8: “Look on Me This DayMP3, PDF .)

Segment 2.3 – A street near Zacharias and Elisabeth’s home

Mary goes to visit her cousin Elisabeth. On the way, she bumps into Ezra hurrying on an errand for Elisabeth. He is astonished that Mary knows about Elisabeth’s condition and runs on, while Mary rejoices in the Lord’s goodness. (Continuation of No. 8: “Look on Me This DayMP3, PDF .)

Segment 2.4 – Zacharias and Elisabeth’s home

Ezra tells Elisabeth of his encounter, and Elisabeth sends him home as she hears Mary’s voice calling to her. As the two women embrace, Elisabeth receives understanding of Mary’s mission and rejoices with her. The prophets Nephi and Abinadi bear scriptural testimony of the Messiah. As Mary and Elisabeth visit, they recognize the wondrous connection of events in their lives.

Segment 2.5 – Mary’s home

Mary returns to Nazareth and tells Joseph about her blessed condition. Troubled and confused, Joseph retreats to his half-finished house and ponders the strict requirements of Jewish law. (No. 11: “There Are Rules—RepriseMP3, PDF .)* In their separate houses, Mary prays while Joseph pleads for understanding. (No. 12: “Look on Me This Day—DuetMP3, PDF .)* During the night, an angel appears to Joseph in a dream and confirms that he should marry his betrothed.

* These two pieces are sung without a break in the music. The audio track for No. 11: “There Are Rules—Reprise” contains the introduction (measures 1–4). The rest of the accompaniment for “There Are Rules—Reprise” is part of the No. 12: “Look on Me This Day—Duet” audio track.

Segment 2.6 – Mary’s home

As a chorus of angels sings, Mary and Joseph are married under the canopy. (No. 13: “Come, Lord Jesus—Wedding SongMP3, PDF .)

Scene 3

Segment 3.1 – A street in Nazareth, then Mary and Joseph’s home

A Roman statesman announces Caesar’s decree that all citizens of the Roman Empire are to return to their ancestral homes for a census. Joseph discusses the decree with Mary, who convinces him that she should accompany him to Bethlehem.

Segment 3.2 – The hills outside Bethlehem

From the hills outside Bethlehem, shepherds observe the city full of travelers and recount the prophecies of the promised Messiah who will be born in their small town. (No. 17: “The Lord Is My ShepherdMP3, PDF .)

Segment 3.3 – The city of Bethlehem

Unable to find adequate lodging, Joseph returns to Mary with the news that the only shelter available is a stable. Mary wonders that the Christ child will be born in such humble surroundings, unnoticed and unknown. Mary and Joseph express their faith in God’s plan.

Segment 3.4 – The hills outside Bethlehem

An angel appears to the sleeping shepherds and announces the birth of the Messiah as the heavenly hosts sing praises to God. (No. 19: “Glory to God in the HighestMP3, PDF .) In wonder and awe, the shepherds also recognize the new star as a sign of His coming. All except grandfather Asa depart for Bethlehem to find the Christ child.

Segment 3.5 – The stable

The shepherd’s search brings them to the stable where they peer in. Grateful to have seen the Nativity, they determine to follow the angel’s instructions and testify of what they have witnessed. Joseph meets the shepherds in the street and invites them in. Mary expresses gratitude that the earthly advent of the Son of God was witnessed by trusted believers. The shepherds proclaim the Savior’s birth, and a chorus of angels welcomes the Christ child to the earth. (No. 22: “Come, Lord Jesus—End of Act One" MP3, PDF .)

ACT TWO—Savior of the World: His Resurrection

Thirty-three years later

Scene 1

Segment 1.1 – The Garden Tomb, Jerusalem

Sorrowing believers gather at the garden tomb where the body of Jesus has been laid. A great stone is rolled in place to seal the entrance to the tomb. The mourners depart as an angelic chorus sings of the Savior’s love. (No. 24: "Come, Lord Jesus – Opening Act Two" MP3, PDF .) Two angels come and open the tomb on the morning of the Resurrection.

Segment 1.2 – In a house in Jerusalem

Cleopas prepares to return to Emmaus. His fellow disciple comes with the news that Jesus’ body is gone from the tomb. Unable to understand what the news truly means, they leave Jerusalem.

Segment 1.3 – The Garden Tomb

Mary Magdalene sorrows before the empty tomb. (No. 25: "Where Is He This Morn?" MP3, PDF .) The Resurrected Savior appears to her, but she does not recognize Him until He calls her name. Rejoicing, she departs to find the disciples as instructed. Other resurrected beings appear in the streets of Jerusalem, thus fulfilling prophecy. (No. 26: "He Is Risen" MP3, PDF .)

Scene 2

Segment 2.1 – Jerusalem

Peter discusses the missing body with John and Thomas. James enters with the news that other resurrected beings have appeared. Peter sends Thomas to help gather the believers. Mary Magdalene arrives with Mary to report that she has seen the risen Savior. As Peter, James, and John leave, Mary and Mary Magdalene marvel together at these events. Other women come running with the news that they too have seen the Savior. The women rejoice together and leave to find the disciples and share the Savior’s command to go to Galilee. (No. 27: "Alleluia" MP3, PDF .)

Segment 2.2 – Road outside Jerusalem

Cleopas and his fellow disciple pause to rest on their return journey to Jerusalem. They ponder their encounter with the resurrected Savior and testify of what they have learned. (No. 28: "Did Not Our Hearts Burn?" MP3, PDF .)

Segment 2.3 – The upper room, Jerusalem

The gathered Apostles listen to Cleopas and the disciple tell of their experience. (Continuation of No. 28: "Did Not Our Hearts Burn?" MP3, PDF .) The Savior appears and invites the Apostles to come and know for themselves that He has risen. He instructs them to be witnesses and departs. In an aside as they are leaving, John asks Peter about Thomas, who was not present.

Segment 2.4 – A home in Jerusalem

Picking fruit from a lush tree, several women and children pack for the trip to Galilee. They share insights and help the children understand the Resurrection and following God’s will. (No. 30: "Do His Will – Reprise" MP3, PDF .) Thomas arrives seeking Mary Magdalene, unaware that the women have seen the Savior. Cleopas and the disciple enter and join the women in testifying to Thomas of the Lord’s Resurrection. Thomas expresses his concern that he, called as an Apostle and a special witness, has not yet seen for himself. (No. 31: "Except I Shall See – Part A" MP3, PDF .) Peter urges Thomas to see through the eyes of faith. (No. 33: "Except I Shall See – Part B" MP3, PDF .)+

+ Because these two pieces are performed without a break, the audio file contains both of them.

Segment 2.5 – The upper room

The Savior appears again to the assemble Apostles, and Thomas receives the sure witness he desires. As the Apostles prepare to follow the Savior’s instructions and leave for Galilee, Thomas bears his testimony. (No. 34: "He Is Risen/Except I Shall See – Part C" MP3, PDF .)+

+ Because these two pieces are performed without a break, the audio file contains both of them.

Scene 3

Segment 3.1 – The sea of Galilee, then the Mount of Olives

While fishing on the sea of Galilee, Peter and others recount how the Savior called them to be His disciples. From the shore Christ hails them and instructs them to cast their nets again. Recognizing the parallel to their first experience, they do so, and the nets are filled. The disciples come to shore, where the Savior invites them to dine on a meal He has prepared. As the Apostles eat, the Lord admonishes Peter three times, “Feed my sheep.” Peter and the Apostles understand and accept the Lord’s commission. (No. 36: "Feed Thy Sheep" MP3, PDF .)

Segment 3.2 – A hillside near Bethany

On a hillside near Bethany, the Apostles witness the Savior’s Ascension. (Continuation of No. 36: "Feed Thy Sheep" MP3, PDF .)+ As they stand looking upward, two angels appear, affirming that Christ will return again. As the Apostles begin to minister and teach, a multitude of believers gather. All gaze heavenward in anticipation of the glorious Second Coming. (No. 37: "Come, Lord Jesus – Finale" MP3, PDF .)+

+ Because these two pieces are performed without a break, the audio file contains both of them.

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