Depicting the Savior on Stage


Costuming for the man representing the Savior was the only instance in which bright white colors were used deliberately to reflect the stage lighting.  The actor wore a long white robe, hemmed long to puddle slightly on the floor.  The sleeves were hemmed at the wrist so that the hands would be visible.  He also wore a belt over the robe.  Over this he wore a sleeveless coat with a lightweight fabric drape attached horizontally across the neckline.  This drape was pulled over the head as a hood, and the ends fell freely down the front.  A second rectangular drape was attached to one shoulder on the bias so that the drape hung diagonally across the body in front and back, falling to about the knees.

In the Conference Center production, the entrances and exits of the man representing the Savior were disguised so that his appearances were unexpected.  Cape-like disguise cloaks were used to cover his costume so that he could walk in with the other Apostles at the beginning of the scene segment.  The actor would hide behind a pillar until time for his entrance.  He would then drop the cloak and walk onto stage. When he left the stage, he walked behind another pillar and put on a second cape that had been preset.  Three disguise cloaks were required to make the two entrances and exits.  The cloaks were made out the same fabrics as the Apostles’ robes so as to blend in with the other actors in the scene.  Each cape had a drape attached at the neckline that was used to hide the face. 

For more information about casting and direction when depicting the Savior on stage, see Portraying the Savior and Angelic Messengers under Production Helps.

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