Cast of Characters by Scene

The following table lists characters in order of appearance and indicates all scenes in which they appear. Mary is the only character who appears in both acts. To view the script, please click on the scene segment number.

Act One
Scene Segment
ZachariasXX X     X     
ElisabethX  X   X X     
EzraXX X  XX       
Nathan X         X XX
Eli X         X XX
Asa X         X X 
Temple Boys X             
Temple Priests X             
Nephi X     X       
Malachi X             
Gabriel X   X         
Benjamin X X           
Beggar  X            
Micham  X X    X     
Joseph  X X   XXX X X
Mary’s Brother  X X    X     
Mary’s Mother  X X    X     
Mary’s Father  X X    X     
Anna  X XX   X     
Mary’s Aunt    X          
Mary’s Cousins    X          
Micham’s Nephews‡    X    X     
Angel to Nephi       X       
Abinadi       X       
Angel to Joseph        X      
Roman Statesman          X    
Roman Soldiers          X    
Micah          X    
Reuben           X XX
Jeshua           X XX
Amon           X XX
Angel to Shepherds             X 
Luke              X
ChorusXX    +  XX  XX

‡ Micham’s nephews are not mentioned in the script.  In the Conference Center production, these boys help build Joseph’s house and carry the wedding canopy with Mary’s brother.

+ Only women of the Chorus are involved in act one, scene 2.3 and act two, scene 2.1.

Act Two
Scene Segment
JamesX  X X XXX
ThomasX  X  XXXX
Mary*   X  X   
Mary MagdaleneX XX  X   
Mary Mother of JamesX  X  X   
SalomeX  X  X   
JoannaX  X  X   
Joseph of ArimatheaX         
AaronX       X 
Tomb Angel #1X         
Tomb Angel #2X         
Cleopus X  XXX   
Emmaus Disciple X  XXX   
Samuel the Lamanite  X       
The Savior  §  X X§ 
Hannah, Suzanna, Tirzah, and Miriam†   X      
Andrew     X XXX
Matthew     X XXX
Thaddeus     X XXX
Phillip     X XXX
James Alphaeus     X XXX
Simon Zelotes     X XXX
Nathanael     X XXX
Disciple #1     X    
Disciple #2     X    
Disciple #3     X    
Joshua      X   
Rebekah      X   
Ascension Angel 1         X
Ascension Angel 2         X
ChorusX X+    XX
* Mary is the only character who continues from act one.  However, she is aged.  (See Costumes.)
+ Only women of the Chorus are involved in act one, scene 2.3 and act two, scene 2.1.
§ In act two, scenes 1.3 and 3.1, the man representing the Savior is not present on stage.  Instead, the Savior’s presence is indicated by light and a voice-over quoting His words from scripture.
† Hannah, Suzanna, Tirzah, and Miriam are optional additions to the “Alleluia.”

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