My Plan



My Plan is designed to help full-time missionaries reflect on the lessons and experiences of their missions and set goals to be self-reliant after their missions in the areas of personal discipleship, education, dating, and marriage. The online course is available in 130 missions (English only) to full-time missionaries during the final weeks of their mission. Returning missionaries can share their goals and plans with parents, leaders, and others after they have completed the course.

Guidelines for Mission Presidents and Full-Time Missionaries

  1. My Plan includes six experiences to be completed during the missionary’s final weeks in the mission field (typically one experience per week).
  2. Each learning experience should be completed during one hour of personal study time. Missionaries can complete the My Plan experiences wherever they typically go for internet access: in Church meetinghouses, libraries, internet cafés, or other approved locations. Companions who are not currently participating in the My Plan learning experiences should complete their own personal study while their companion completes the My Plan experiences. Missionaries should ensure that they can always see their companion’s device or computer screen.
  3. As missionaries complete the My Plan learning experiences, they are given the opportunity to share an electronic version (PDF file) with their mission president, parents, local leaders, and others. Mission presidents may refer to the missionary’s goals and plans in their efforts to offer inspired counsel to departing missionaries (see Mission President’s Handbook, 66). Missionaries will continue to have access to their electronic My Plan file (PDF) for several months after their mission on the Missionary Portal ( They may also choose to email a copy of the plan to themselves for long-term reference.

Guidelines for Parents and Local Priesthood and Auxiliary Leaders

  1. Stake presidents have access to the electronic My Plan file for each returned missionary who has authorized them to have access on the Leader and Clerk Resources website.
  2. Stake presidents may also refer to and discuss the returned missionary’s My Plan goals and plans in release interviews (see Handbook 1: Stake Presidents and Bishops [2010], 4.10.3).
  3. Stake presidents should also encourage returned missionaries to attend institute of religion classes wherever possible.
  4. Parents are encouraged to visit with their returned missionaries about their My Plan goals as they return home.