Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

When will missionaries receive their visa?

Missionaries will enter Nicaragua as a tourist. All missionaries need is their passport. Missionaries will obtain their visa after they arrive in Nicaragua.

Why do missionaries airline tickets include a flight back to the United States a month after their arrival?

In order to enter this country as a tourist, missionaries need to show the airline a round-trip ticket. This return flight will be canceled after missionaries arrive at their international missionary training center.

When should missionaries hand in their visa documents?

Missionaries need to send documents as soon as possible according to the due dates on personal visa packages. Each missionary does need to obtain a birth certificate dated within 90 days of their MTC date with an Apostille from the state in which the birth certificate was issued. The police record must be dated within 15 weeks of their MTC date with an Apostille. The health certificate needs to be dated within 4 weeks of their MTC date with an Apostille.

Do I have to email a copy of my documents?

Yes, it is vital to email a copy of your documents prior to having them apostilled. This is to ensure that they are correct, and allows time for the agent to have them translated into Spanish.

What if my name appears on the document without my middle name?

If your middle name is not on the document but is on your passport, your paperwork will be rejected. Please double check that your full name is printed and spelled accurately.

Do I need to send my passport?

Missionaries do not need to send in their physical passports. All Missionaries do need to send in a copy of their Passport Identification page.