Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

What should missionaries do if they signed their passport without their middle name?

That is fine. Missionaries should not alter the signature on their passport. They should just leave it as it is. The signature on a missionary's visa paperwork needs to match the missionary's passport signature.

If missionaries are going on an international vacation before their mission, can they keep their passport?

Yes, but missionaries are asked to please inform Missionary Travel of their travel plans. Missionaries should send all other required documents, including a clear photocopy of their passport ID page, as soon as possible.

When will missionaries get their visa?

Missionaries will receive their visa after completing their personal appearance at a Mexico Consulate. This consulate appointment will be arranged by the Missionary Travel Office approximately 1 month before the missionary’s MTC date.

If missionaries make a mistake or there is incorrect information on their visa application, what should they do?

Missionaries my use white-out tape (not liquid) on their application to neatly remove the old information. Use BLACK INK only to put the correct information on the visa application.

How do I attach my photo to the application?

Please do not attach the photo to the application.