Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

Does the missionary need to send their passport to the travel office?

No, you only need a copy of the identification page of the passport sent the travel office. The missionary will take the actual passport with them to the MTC.

When will missionaries get their visa?

Missionaries will enter Honduras as a tourist. All missionaries need is their passport. Missionaries will obtain their visa after they arrive in Honduras.

Why do missionaries' airline tickets include a flight back to the U.S. a month after their arrival?

In order to enter this country as a tourist, missionaries need to show the airline a round-trip ticket. This return flight will be canceled after missionaries arrive at their international missionary training center.

When will I receive my travel instructions and itinerary?

An itinerary with travel instructions will be e-mailed to the missionary’s myldsmail.net email address approximately 2 weeks prior to the missionary’s MTC date, provided the travel office has received all of the required.