Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

Can missionaries use white-out on the visa application?

Yes, missionaries can use white-out tape (not liquid) to correct minor mistakes in the forms provided.

How do I attach my photo to the application?

Paper  clip photos to visa application. Please do not glue or staple the picture to the application.

My signature does not match the name printed on my passport, is that a problem?

It will not be a problem. Please be sure to sign the way you did on your passport on your 2 visa applications.

Can missionaries take an international trip with their passport before they go on their mission?

If it is within 45 days of the missionary's missionary training center entry date, the missionary should not take an international trip. Visas are in process during this time.

Do I need to submit my actual passport to Church Travel?

Yes, you will need to mail in your passport because this is required to get the visa. Your passport will be returned to you via FedEx 3 to 10 days before you depart to the Colombia MTC. If you are attending the Provo MTC, you will receive your passport at the Provo MTC just prior to departing for Ecuador.

When filling out the Ecuador online visa registration, why can’t I find United States as a nationality?

You will be required to enter your nationality 3 times when registering for your online visa account. United States is listed in Spanish on the website. For the first section click on Estadounidense. Then the next 2 times you need to select your nationality please select Estados Unidos America.

Why do missionaries' travel itineraries show a return flight in a month?

This is an open return ticket and is on the reservation for visa purposes. Missionaries will not be traveling on this ticket. The Lima area office will provide missionaries with a ticket to fly to their mission in Ecuador with their group at the missionary training center.

How will parents know if their missionary has arrived at the MTC?

Due to the numbers of missionaries traveling at any one time, neither Missionary Travel nor the missionary training centers will notify parents when missionaries arrive. Itineraries are sent to 5 or 6 different people in the foreign countries who arrange to have the missionaries met and picked up from the airport and transported to the missionary training center. Each international missionary training center operates differently. You should receive an email on their first available preparation day.

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