Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

Will I receive any information from Missionary Travel?

Yes.  All information regarding visa documents and travel for Chile missions will be mailed to the address you provided.

Do missionaries need to get a visa for Chile before they leave?

No, a visa is not obtained before missionaries travel to the mission. Missionaries will travel to Chile on just their passport and enter the country as a tourist. Their two-year residency visa will be applied for after their arrival in Chile.

Missionary Travel will email missionaries instructions and a final itinerary 7-10 days before your MTC entry date. Missionaries will print out the itinerary and instructions and take them along with their passport to the airport.

Do missionaries need to send in their passport to Missionary Travel?

No. Missionaries should only send a copy of their passport ID page. Missionaries will keep their original passport with them.

If missionaries are traveling to the Mexico Missionary Training Center, do they need a visa?

Yes, missionaries will obtain a Mexican tourist visa upon arrival in Mexico. A Mexican tourist visa packet will be mailed to your home two weeks after your call.  Missionary Travel will email instructions and a final itinerary 7-10 days before your MTC entry date. Your onward travel to Chile will be completed by the Mexico MTC and given to you at the Mexico MTC.

I am attending the Colombia Missionary Training Center, when will I get my travel documents?

All travel documents and entry papers will be sent to you via FedEx 7-10 days prior to your departure.

My ticket has a return flight on it – am I returning to the US?

You may disregard the extra flight – the return flight is for visa purposes.

Please note—any reference to a $160 fee is no longer relevant. Please disregard.

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