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Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

Please read if you live in the states of Colorado, New Mexico. Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana or Kansas

Any missionary from this jurisdiction who currently does not have a visa MUST get an FBI clearance.  The Houston Consulate will no longer accept police letters from local and state authorities.  Due to limited capacity at the consulate in Houston, not all applications have been accepted.  Therefore, any applications now submitted must include the FBI clearance per the consulates instructions.  You can check the consulate website for new requirements directly at their website:

We understand the frustration for many families and individuals with this process and hope that our compliance with these changes from the consulate will help current and future missionaries receive visas more quickly. As we each prayerfully consider how to move forward we will receive the necessary guidance for our individual circumstances. Please know that we are doing all we can to help each missionary in this situation.

We are working on getting this information to both missionaries and their families, so please know that if you receive duplicate information you only need to make sure you get this done once.

Important tips when applying for an FBI clearance:

Note: The Houston Consulate will not accept any FBI clearance letter that does not include the applicant’s home address and last 4 digits of their social security.  Please be sure to follow the tips below when applying for your FBI clearance.

  • Make sure that you are putting the permanent address of the missionary on the application for the “Applicant Home Address” as well as the “Mail Results to Address”.  This is to ensure that the address reflected on the Clearance is within the Houston Consulate jurisdiction.  (Example:  If you put in the Travel office address or a temporary assignment address for where to mail the results, this address will be reflected on the Clearance will be rejected by the Consulate.)
  • Please put your social security number on your FBI fingerprint card.  If you leave this field blank the FBI will leave it blank as well and the Houston Consulate will not accept it without the social security number.
  • As of October 12, 2013, the FBI will no longer accept pre-paid return envelopes.  Below is directly from their website at :
    • Note: Due to upcoming changes in processing, effective October 12, 2013, the FBI will no longer be accepting return self-addressed stamped envelopes with Departmental Order requests. Envelopes received postmarked after this date will be destroyed. Thank you for your patience as we try to streamline our processes to improve our service to you.

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