Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

Can missionaries travel to Bolivia without a visa?

No. Missionaries will be refused entry to Bolivia if they do not have a current visa.

Can missionaries take an international trip with their passport before they go on their mission?

If it is within a month of their missionary training center entry date, missionaries should not take an international trip. All documents must be turned in at least a month before missionaries enter the missionary training center.

Why do missionaries' itineraries show a return flight in a month? Why is this needed?

This is called an open return. It is there for visa and immigration purposes only. It is there to show immigration that you have a way to return to the United States if needed.

How do I apply for my FBI clearance?

You will obtain your FBI clearance through an expedited service called Accurate Biometrics. See the Bolivia instruction sheet for information on how to apply.

Can missionaries call to check on the status of their visa?

If missionaries are traveling to an international missionary training center and there is no delay with their visa, they will receive their documents 3-10 days prior to departure. If there is a delay with their visa, they will be contacted through their local priesthood leader 7-14 days prior to their scheduled departure. Visas to Bolivia are rarely delayed.

How will parents know if their missionary has arrived at the Missionary Training Center?

Because of the number of missionaries traveling each week, neither Missionary Travel nor the missionary training center will notify parents when their son or daughter has arrived. Itineraries are sent to 5 or 6 different people in the foreign countries who arrange to have the missionaries met and picked up from the airport and transported to the missionary training center. Each international missionary training center operates differently, but typically a phone call or an email is allowed within the first 2 days.

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