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Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

My signature does not match the name printed on my passport. Is that a problem?

It will not be a problem.

What if a missionary is planning an international trip before entering the missionary training center?

Your visa agent needs your passport a minimum of 6 weeks prior to your MTC report date. If missionaries already have a trip planned within this 6 week period, they should call and speak with their visa agent in Missionary Travel at 801-240-5111.

Can missionaries bring their visa documents to the Missionary Travel Office?

It is preferred that missionaries mail the documents to Missionary Travel. If missionaries are very late in turning in their documents, they may hand-carry them to the address listed on their visa requirements instruction sheet.

If missionaries are still in high school, have not yet graduated from seminary, and have not been ordained an elder, what should they do?

Missionaries should contact their visa agent and request the “Bishop's Letter” template. Missionaries should make sure the bishop DOES NOT mention seminary. If seminary is mentioned in the letter, then the consulate will require the graduation certificate, which missionaries cannot provide at this time. It is sufficient to send any priesthood ordination certificate. It is not required to have a Melchizedek Priesthood certificate.

Is it required for senior missionaries to provide the seminary graduation certificate?

If missionaries, regardless of age, have graduated from seminary or institute, they must provide the graduation certificate. If the certificate cannot be located, missionaries should contact their visa agent and request a “Bishop's Letter” template.

Do missionaries go to the police department to obtain their biometric fingerprints? 

After missionaries complete their online visa application, they will be prompted to schedule an appointment to obtain their biometric fingerprints at the location closest to them. There are very specific centers contracted with the United Kingdom Border Agency where missionaries must obtain their biometric fingerprints.

Utah residents: The only location in Utah is in Salt Lake City. If missionaries live in Southern Utah, they can choose to go to Las Vegas. These centers cannot be reached by phone. Missed appointments cannot be rescheduled.

Do missionaries send in their actual passport?

Yes, missionaries are required to turn in their actual passport along with the step 2 documents. Missionary Travel will send it to the consulate where their visa will be issued. The visa will be a sticker placed in the passport.

Once missionaries send in the documents for step 2, how long will they have to wait to receive their passport and visa?

If the missionary is attending the England MTC, Missionary Travel will send the passport and travel documents to the missionary's home address approximately 3-10 days before the missionary's travel date. If attending the Provo MTC, the missionary will receive their travel documents and passport as they check out of the MTC to travel to their mission.

What happens if a missionary's visa does not arrive before his or her England Missionary Training Center date?

A missionary's priesthood leader will advise the missionary about how this will affect his or her entrance date. It is likely that missionaries will be assigned to the Provo Missionary Training Center to allow them to still enter the mission field with their current date.

Canadians only: Because Canadian missionaries' passports will still be at the consulate, it is likely they will be given a new Preston England Missionary Training Center date. The missionary's priesthood leader will advise him or her.

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