Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

My signature does not match the name printed on my passport. Is that a problem?

If you did not sign your full name on the passport, all your visa documents must be signed the way you signed your passport.

Can I make corrections to my visa forms if the information already filled in is not correct?

You may use white-out tape (not liquid) to make needed changes. Do not scribble or cross things out.

How do I attach my photo to the application?

Use a paper clip to attach your photo.

What is the copy certification form used for? Also, how do missionaries get a notarized copy of their certificate?

a. For sisters: Sisters should take their original Seminary Graduation Certificate to a notary (typically found at a bank) and ask the notary to fill out the Copy Certification Form after a copy of the certificate has been made. The notary is verifying that the copy is a true, unaltered copy of the original. The notary can fill out his or her own version of that form if desired.

b. For elders: Same as above except elders use their Priesthood Ordination Certificate instead of the Seminary Graduation Certificate.

What if missionaries are planning an international trip before entering the missionary training center?

Missionaries can keep their passport for their trip, and then once they return they can mail their passport to Missionary Travel. They MUST travel before their personal appearance. Missionary Travel needs to have a missionary's passport in its office by the missionary's missionary training center date. Missionaries should mail in their other documents before the deadline date given on the top of the instruction sheet and be sure to include a note to Missionary Travel letting them know that they (missionaries) will be keeping their passport for a trip and when they think they will mail it in.

Do missionaries have to make a personal appearance at a consulate?

Yes. All consulates require it. If the San Francisco location is the one that you will be using, that visit will take place while you are at the MTC.

The instructions say that missionaries have to make a personal appearance. Who should missionaries speak with? What do missionaries need to do?

Missionaries (outside the San Francisco consulate district) will visit the Consulate 4 weeks before their missionary training center date. Appointments are required, and you will set that up online through the consulate's website. Please email Missionary Travel when your appointment has been made by email with your appointment information and if you need travel set up. Missionaries will gather specified documents listed on their instruction sheet and Missionary Travel will send remaining requirements 2 weeks prior to the appointment date.

If your visa application says San Francisco, do not set up an appointment.

What if a missionary's driver’s license expires during his or her mission?

For missionaries' visas, they must have a driver’s license valid at least 6 weeks beyond their missionary training center date. Other instructions for the driver's license will come from the mission directly if necessary.

What if a missionary's driver’s license is from a state not included on the list on the instruction sheet?

Missionaries will need to call or email the agent listed on their instruction sheet immediately. There are several consulates around the country, and knowing a missionary's driver’s license and state residency helps Missionary Travel to determine where to apply for a missionary's visa. 

What if a missionary does not have a driver’s license?

A government issued photo ID is required to obtain a visa for Italy. If a missionary is unable to obtain a driver’s license, the missionary must obtain a state identification card.

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