Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

Denmark Questions:

What do missionaries need to do to prepare to make a personal appearance at the Danish Consulate?

Missionaries should fill out the Personal Appearance Information Sheet included with their visa packet. Missionary Travel will make arrangements for their travel to the Consulate based on the information missionaries provide. Missionaries will receive documents and instructions by FedEx before their trip, which will advise them of the date they are scheduled to make their personal appearance.

Do missionaries have to travel to the consulate by themselves? What if their family wants to go with them?

There are occasions when a missionary will travel to the Consulate alone. Missionary Travel provides thorough instructions and emergency telephone numbers to call if missionaries have any problems. It is preferred for missionaries to travel in a small group, but this is not always possible.

If a missionary's family wants to make the trip, the missionary will need to contact the agent listed on his or her instruction sheet. Missionary Travel will not make any arrangements for family members.

Can missionaries be reimbursed if they bought the Case Order ID number before they realized they should not do that?

Yes, Missionary Travel can reimburse missionaries for that charge. Missionary Travel will need all of the documents missionaries were prompted to print, so Missionary Travel can use the Case Order ID number the missionary purchased. It would be best for missionaries to email this information to the agent listed on their instruction sheet. If missionaries did not print anything, they should email the agent their Case Order ID number.

What if missionaries are planning an international trip before entering the missionary training center?

Missionaries will show their passport to the visa officer at the Consulate. Missionaries will take it home with them. Missionaries can use their passport for international travel, but they should be sure to keep it safe. If missionaries lose their passport, Missionary Travel has to start the visa process over again, and the visas for Denmark take several months to process.

Why do the visas take so long? Will missionaries have to go to a temporary mission?

Each country has its own process for approving visas. It is unknown why the visas take so long, which is why missionaries will go to the Consulate as soon as possible. A missionary has a couple of months in Denmark before they must have the visa. Currently, missionaries are traveling on time and awaiting the approval in Denmark if it is not received prior.


Iceland Questions:

If missionaries have all their documents ready except the FBI clearance, can they mail everything else to Missionary Travel now?

It is preferred missionaries mail everything together. If the deadline date listed at the top of missionaries' instruction sheet is coming close and they still do not have their FBI clearance, missionaries can then mail everything else to Missionary Travel. If missionaries applied for their FBI clearance more than four weeks ago, they can call the FBI to follow up. The phone number to follow up with the FBI is 304-625-5590.

Do missionaries need to send their actual passport to Missionary Travel?

No. Missionaries will only send the requested documents to Missionary Travel. Missionaries will keep their passport and bring it with them to the missionary training center.

What if missionaries did not use capital letters on the Resident Permit Application?

It will be okay. It would be better to leave it as is than to use white-out on the whole application.

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