Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

Do missionaries need to send in their actual passport?

Yes. Your actual passport is need in order for Missionary Travel to apply for your visa.

Will missionaries obtain a visa for Belgium and the Netherlands?

Yes. Missionaries will send in all the requested documents for Belgium and the Netherlands to Missionary Travel. Missionary Travel will obtain the visas. Missionaries will receive their Belgium visa prior to departing for the mission. They will receive their Netherlands visa after arriving in the mission.

How do missionaries complete the parts of the visa application that there are no instructions for?

Missionaries MUST NOT complete anything on their visa application that they are not specifically instructed to complete.

For U.S. citizens: If missionaries have all their documents ready except the FBI clearance, can they mail everything else to the Missionary Travel Office now?

The FBI is currently taking 18 weeks to process FBI background checks, which could potentially delay a missionary’s arrival date to the Belgium/Netherlands mission. Please apply for your FBI clearance through Accurate Biometrics, an approved expeditor, using the following information. This method will return results in 1 to 2 weeks.   

•  Go to the Accurate Biometrics website at: 

•  Enter “LDS” as your partner password; on the next screen click on the Church logo to advance to the application instructions.

•  Please follow the instructions on the website to complete the process.

It is preferred that missionaries mail everything together. If the deadline date listed at the top of the instruction sheet is approaching and missionaries still do not have their FBI clearance, they can then mail everything else to Missionary Travel.

For U.S. citizens: If a missionary's FBI clearance came with a half sheet of white paper explaining how to apply for an Apostille, does the missionary need an Apostille for his or her FBI clearance? 

Missionaries do not need to obtain an Apostille on the FBI clearance. They can discard the half sheet of white paper included with their FBI clearance.

Do missionaries need to mail all of the documents listed on the instruction sheet to Missionary Travel?

Yes. Missionary Travel will coordinate the initial process for both Belgium and the Netherlands. Missionaries should not send any of the requested visa documents straight to their mission.

What if missionaries are planning an international trip before going to the missionary training center?

Missionaries can keep their passport for the trip and then once they return, they can mail the passport to Missionary Travel. Missionary Travel needs to have missionaries' passports in their office by the missionaries' missionary training center date. When missionaries mail in their visa paperwork, they should include a note to Missionary Travel indicating that they will be keeping their passport for a trip and indicating when they think they will mail it in. Canadians will keep their passport until they enter the missionary training center.

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