Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

Do missionaries need to send in their actual passport?

Yes. Your actual passport is need in order for Missionary Travel to apply for your visa.

Do missionaries have to make a personal appearance at a consulate?

Yes. Missionaries will now need to make a personal appearance at a French consulate in order to obtain their visa for Tahiti. Missionary Travel will arrange your personal appearance at the consulate.

How do I attach my photo to the application?

Paper clip photos to the visa application. Please do not glue or staple the picture to the application.

My signature does not match the name printed on my passport. Is that a problem?

If you did not sign your full name on the passport, then all your visa documents must be signed the way you signed your name on your passport.

Can I make corrections to my visa forms if the information already filled in is not correct?

You may use white out tape (not liquid) to make needed changes. Do not scribble or cross things out.

What if missionaries are planning an international trip before entering the missionary training center?

Missionaries should not plan/schedule a trip prior to entering the missionary training center. Their passport will need to be sent in with the other requested visa documents.

If missionaries have lost their visa packet, can they get a new one emailed to them?

Yes. Missionaries should call 801-240-5111 and ask for the visa packet to be emailed to them.

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