New Zealand

Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

Medical Questions

Can the Medical Certificate and chest X-ray be completed by my own doctor?

No, you can only have your medicals done by an approved Panel Physician. The New Zealand consulate will no longer accept medicals performed by a physician other than what they have approved. To find the closest Panel Physician nearest you, please go to

Can missionaries receive their medical exams earlier than the date specified on their instruction sheet?

No. The consulate will not accept medical exams, chest x-rays, and laboratory tests that are older than 90 days from a missionary's departure date to the missionary training center. Missionaries should count 90 days before the entry date to the missionary training center and receive their exams within that period of time.

What if I live more than 3 hours away from the closest panel doctor?

You still need to make an appointment with the panel doctor closest to you.  You can then seek reimbursement for the cost to drive to the panel doctor ($.17 per mile roundtrip).  Please include a note with your visa requirements to obtain reimbursement. If it requires a plane ticket to get to your closest panel doctor, please contact Church Travel at 1-800-537-3537. You may also get reimbursed if you decide to purchase the plane ticket on your own.

Other Questions

When will missionaries receive their visa?

Travel documents will be sent to the missionary while attending training in the Provo MTC. For those attending the New Zealand MTC, documents will be sent to their home within 2 weeks of their MTC report date via FedEx. Travel documents will include travel instructions, emergency contact information, an itinerary, and a visa enclosed inside the passport.

Do missionaries send their actual passport to Missionary Travel?

Yes. The physical passport is needed to obtain a visa to New Zealand.

Is it a problem if missionaries don’t have two or more years of seminary or institute?

Yes, if missionaries haven’t completed two or more years of seminary or institute, they should call Missionary Travel immediately at 1-800-537-3537.

How do I attach my photo to the application?

Paper clip photos to visa application. Please do not glue or staple the picture to the application.

My signature does not match the name printed on my passport. Is that a problem?

It will not be a problem.

Can missionaries use white-out on the visa forms?

Yes, missionaries can use white-out tape (not liquid) to correct minor mistakes in the forms provided.

Can missionaries take an international trip with their passport before they go on their mission?

No, missionaries cannot take an international trip with their passport before they leave on their mission. Missionaries are REQUIRED to send their signed passport to Missionary Travel with all the other documentation included in the visa packet. Failure to fulfill this requirement may cause delays in missionaries' travel to their mission.

If missionaries have lost their visa packet, can they get a new one emailed to them?

Yes. Missionaries should call 1-800-537-3537 and ask for the visa packet to be emailed to them.

Do I need to apply for a FBI clearance?

You only need to apply for an FBI clearance if you are serving 23 months or longer.

How do I apply for my FBI clearance?

You will obtain your FBI clearance through an expedited service called National Background Check. On the application make sure to mark the box next to Foreign Residency/Travel in section 2 and mark option 1 in section 4. Please be sure to put in a cell phone number in section 6 (do not put a landline number) as well as an email address that you will check often.  The cost will be $50.  Make sure everything is filled out on the application before sending it in. You must send two sets of fingerprints done on the FD-258 form along with the application and payment.

How do I access the FBI results?

The FBI results will come via email to the address written in section 6 of the application.  Please keep track of the email address and cell number you put on the application. After receiving the email from National Background Check (subject line will be FBI Background Check Results), please click on the link in the email and enter the password (the last 4 numbers of your Social Security number followed by birth year (ex.12341996)). A PIN number will be sent to the cell number on the application. After entering the PIN number, you can open the FBI results and save it to your computer. Then print your FBI clearance and include it with the rest of your visa requirements when you send them to Missionary Travel.

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